We do all things related to Voiceovers, Narration, and Announcing!   From simple phone messages and Messaging on Hold to eLearning Narration and everything in between!    

Some of the most frequent questions and their answers are listed below.   Do you have a question not answered below?  Just use the Contact Page to ask us!


How much is this going to cost?
º It will depend on the length of the script and the medium used. Our rates are very reasonable.  If you send us an email, we'd be happy to give you a no pressure quote!

How will I receive my project?
º We can deliver your project in the most popular formats including mp3, wav, or we can use SourceConnect.

Will you do a demo of my project before I buy?
º Absolutely!   Send us your script and budget, and we’ll provide a sample of your project.

How long will it take?
º It depends on the size of the project, but most of the time we have it back to you in 24 hours.

How should I prepare my script?
º Spell out any technical, regional, or hard words or names phonetically (fuh-NET-ick-lee). If there is a time requirement, read it out loud and make sure you can read it in the time allotted (You can’t say 200 words in a 30-second spot!). 

How and when do I pay you?
º We make it easy: PayPal!  For larger projects, we can also accommodate a direct wire transfer.  When depends on the size and nature of the project but typically we request 50% after you approve the demo and 50% upon completion.